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What is estate planning?  The best definition of estate planning we know of comes from our colleagues at WealthCounsel:

I will do whatever it takes to ensure that when I am gone family harmony is realized and the inheritance I leave protects, improves, and enhances the lives of my beneficiaries.

We love this definition because it uses positive terms like “protect,” “improve,” “harmony,” “enhance,” and “whatever it takes.”  Nowhere in that definition does it talk about “tax planning” or “passing down” large dollar values.  Of course, if there is a tax issue, then tax planning should be one goal of estate planning.

At Nickeson Law Group, that is exactly what our attorneys help our clients do:  protect, improve and enhance.

Follow the links below to learn more about our Estate Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, Special Needs Planning, Probate and Estate Administration, Laureate Planning and Guardianship services.

Estate Planning

Our attorneys are very good at estate planning. We have developed a process that makes the planning streamlined for our clients and where our clients feel like all their concerns are addressed. We don't view estate planning as a 'once and done' event. Rather, we stay connected with our estate planning clients to ensure their plans work when they need to. Having a group of dedicated attorneys who know you, your family, your goals and concerns is a relief and a benefit that helps to make our clients feel secure.
Learn more about the Estate Planning process.

Long-Term Care Planning

For many families, the real threat today is not probate or estate tax, but the potential cost of future healthcare expenses. Many of us know someone who has lost everything due to their healthcare expenses spiraling out of control. The attorneys at Nickerson Law Group can help you and your family create a plan that may prevent the loss of life savings to long-term care expenses. Sometimes long-term care planning is called Elder Law.  We speak regularly on the issue of long-term care planning (or elder law) and invite you to attend one of our Long-Term Care Planning seminars.
Learn more about Long-Term Care Planning.

Special Needs Planning

We handle a lot of special needs planning issues.  On any given work day, our attorneys are either drafting or reviewing special needs trusts or analyzing a special needs legal issue. We offer comprehensive planning services on all matters relating to special needs issues including creating special needs trust planning, means-based government benefit analysis and counsel, guardianship services.  We also work with family law attorneys when the parents of an individual with special needs divorce.
Learn more about Special Needs Planning.

Laureate Planning

About a third of our client base consists of families who have an estate tax concern.  We work closely with these families to ensure their affairs are in order, asset protection strategies are implemented and estate tax reduction strategies are implemented.  We call this portion of our practice Laureate Planning.  Our Laureate Planning clients require ongoing maintenance and we develop true partnerships and friendships as we continue to work with these families on an ongoing basis.
Learn more about Laureate Planning.


Many families, especially parents of adults who have special needs, investigate the need for a guardianship.  Because our firm handles a significant number of guardianship matters, we have streamlined the process and make it easy for our clients to understand all of the nuances of dealing with this court matter and the ongoing maintenance requirements a guardianship requires.  Many of our guardianship clients are also estate planning clients or are clients who become estate planning clients.
Learn more about Guardianship.

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