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Safeguarding Your Legacy with Precision and Expertise

Estate planning is a profound responsibility that shapes the future of your family and your legacy. As leading Austin Estate Planning and Trust Attorneys, we are dedicated to crafting comprehensive estate plans that reflect your specific needs and aspirations.

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the nuanced legal strategies required to navigate wills, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, health care documents, and more.

Your Unspoken Estate Plan:

The Need for Legal Expertise

It is a common misconception that without a written will or trust, there is no estate plan in place. In reality, every individual has a plan, albeit a default one dictated by state laws.

Without a plan in place, your estate is bound to be distributed post-mortem according to the impersonal laws of intestacy in Texas. Nickerson Law Group is committed to ensuring that your estate plan is a reflection of your personal choices and not the default state provisions.


Want to Know What Your Estate Is Worth?

Planning for the future starts with understanding your present. Use our Estate Value Calculator to estimate the value of your estate quickly and easily. It's straightforward, free, and informative.

Take the first step towards effective estate planning with insights tailored just for you. Calculate now - your future self will thank you!

Revocable Living Trusts:

The Cornerstone of Your Estate Plan

The cornerstone of many of our clients' estate plans is the Revocable Living Trust. This versatile tool goes beyond a will, providing a strategic framework for the distribution of your estate. It ensures privacy, avoids the public probate process, and offers seamless continuity in managing your assets.

Our experts at Nickerson Law Group meticulously craft Revocable Living Trusts to encapsulate your wishes, ensuring they are honored both during your lifetime and beyond.

Dynasty Trusts:

Securing Your Legacy Across Generations

At Nickerson Law Group, we understand the importance of not just passing on your assets but protecting them for generations to come. A Dynasty Trust, meticulously crafted by our attorneys, can help shield your inheritance from estate taxes, creditors, and the uncertainties of life. With our guidance, your legacy can endure, providing security and prosperity for your descendants.

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Powers of Attorney:

Empowering Your Decisions

Life is unpredictable. Having a Power of Attorney in place ensures that your affairs remain in trusted hands, even when you are unable to manage them yourself. Whether your needs are broad or specific, our team is adept at drafting Powers of Attorney that reflect your exact wishes, ensuring that your personal and financial matters are handled with respect and diligence.


Health Care Documents:

Upholding Your Healthcare Wishes

Advance Directives or Health Care Documents are essential components of a comprehensive estate plan. These documents articulate your preferences for medical care if you are unable to make those decisions yourself.

We ensure that your health care documents are a clear reflection of your values and wishes, safeguarding your right to make informed decisions about your health care.


Get in Touch with Our Austin Estate Planning Lawyers

Reach out to our dedicated team of estate planning lawyers for a private initial discussion. We are available for consultations both in-person and virtually, accommodating your preference. In this session, we will explore your specific estate planning goals, inquiries, and apprehensions. We can discuss the fundamentals of estate planning, examine the variety of available planning strategies, and work towards creating an estate plan that perfectly aligns with your and your family's needs.

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